101 Outrageously Fun Things To Do Activity Book, by Klutz


$ 19.99 
SKU: KLU810640


Bursting with 101 activities, this book is the ultimate all-in-one guide to having fun and surviving long car trips, waiting rooms, deserted islands, and airplane travel. Chock-full of some totally outrageous activities to entertain yourself with, play with a friend, or wow a crowd of people! Some of the activities include secret handshakes, fork bending, a list of 50 jokes every kid should know, 3D tic-tac-toe, directions on how to play the cat's cradle, and many, many more!

The book includes 76 pages of instructions and inspiration, along with everything that you need to have fun! From a googly-eyed puppet, an encryption wheel and 59in (150cm) cord, a jar of fart butty, 2 blocks of eraser clay, and to top it all off, 18 temporary tattoos!

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