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10 Hand Held Double Action Air Balloon Pumps Red/Yellow


$ 24.95 

10 Hand Held Double Action Air Balloon Pumps Red/Yellow
Use this sturdy and high quality pump to inflate balloons of all shapes and sizes.  Great for group fun and learning activities about gas properties, these simple and durable pumps can be used by someone of just about any age.  Set includes 5 yellow pumps and 5 red pumps.  Bought an overrun of balloon pumps.  Large bulk discounts available on the single pump listing.
By using the pumping apparatus physical force is applied to force air into the walls of the balloons.  Forcing air into this confined area causes pressure to build within the balloon.  In turn, the pressure within the balloon is greater than that of the natural pressure of the surrounding atmosphere outside of the balloon, causing the elastic wall that wants to retract to maintain it's size and shape.  Any breach of the integrity of the balloons walls will cause a sudden normalization of  the increased pressure within the balloon.  BOOM!
Ages 8 and up.
High Quality Pumps Made in Canada
Pump Measures 11.5 inches compressed 16.5 inches extended with 2 inch diameter.
Additional pump sets available on other listings.

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