1 Pair ORANGE Original Laser Laces Fiber Optic Neon LED Shoelaces

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Capriola Corporation

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Original Laser Laces® Fiber Optic Neon LED Shoelaces

By: Capriola Corporation

The original Laser Laces® are the only decorative glowing neon LED shoelaces!

We are the originators of Laser Laces ® We own the patent and we are the only company that guarantees our product for 90 days!

Be  the  talk  of  all  your  friends with  the  world's only  fiber optic shoelaces. These bright  teflon coated fiber optic laces are fun to  wear anytime and  anywhere. They  can be  worn with any laced shoe, boot or skate. They are also  great  for night jogging safety, dancing  in  clubs  or  raves, adding  color to sporting  events and  holidays, or  just  to  stand  out  in  the  crowd  and  be  noticed.   You can even wear them as a necklace or a bracelet!  They will  stay lit  for  up to  38 hours before  needing  new  batteries. You can  turn your  Laser Laces off and  on, and  even  set  them  to  either  flash  or  double  flash. The  best  part  of  these  laces  are  that  they are  weatherproof, heat resistant and  washable. You  can  even  stretch  your  laces  to  make them  longer  or  cut  them  to  shorten the length  for  smaller  shoe sizes without affecting the special lighting capability.

Powered by two Super Bright LED's with multiple light settings!  When you set the Laser Laces® to flash you receive over 60 hours on one set of standard 2025 batteries (found at many local stores). All  single color Laser Laces® have three settings.

One package has two 26" LED fiber optic Laser Laces® for one pair of shoes. Your first set of batteries are included!!!

Glow wild with the only fiber optic shoelaces sold in the USA!

Recommended For Ages 3 and Up

Laces  can be worn by children  under  3  only while under Adult supervision.

Avoid disappointment... Beware of  cheap imitations that are not up to the Quality Standard of these Original design Laser Laces.  Other "LED" shoelaces may quickly experience loss of light in "broken sections" of the shoelace.  Only Original Laser Laces feature the durable, waterproof Teflon Coated Fiber Optic that makes them Long Wearing...Long Glowing... Long Flashing... Long Lasting!


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