1/2 Ounce Instant Snow Polymer - Makes 2 Cups of Amazing Fake Snow

1/2 Ounce Instant Snow Polymer - Makes 2 Cups of Amazing Fake Snow - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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In1/2oz Instant Artificial Snow Polymer 1 Test Tube See how much snow just a couple spoonfuls makes See how much snow just a couple of spoonfuls makes! You will not believe it. Instant snow erupts to 100 times its volume. It sparkles and glistens and lasts forever with only a spray of water. Make artificial snow that looks like real snow anytime of year and anywhere, a small or large amount. This artificial snow looks like real snow and can be used again and again. It is the same type snow used by movie companies. Instant snow is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, environmentally safe polymer. Kids love it and it is a great experiment. You pour water into the measured amount of snow and it will pour over the edges of the container! It is so much fun to play with and run your fingers through. It is almost mesmerizing! It feels like winter any time of year with this amazing snow. **Each 16 X125mm test tube contains about 1/2 ounce of snow polymer and will make approximately 2 cups of snow.** Great For: Special Effects Holiday and Home Decorating Science Observation and Science Projects and Experiments Magic Tricks Artificial Snow for Skiing or Snowboarding Special Effects and Movies Kids Parties OR JUST PLAIN FUN! Instant snow is formulated from the same type of polymer used in baby diapers called sodium polyacrylate. Online Science Mall received dozens of samples from various manufacturers before they chose the best one. This is so much better than other fake and artificial snows. Our Instant Snow quickly expands to many times its initial volume in seconds. Also, we judge this to have nice snow like consistency and white color. This is often used as a special effect in movies, television and photography and will not harm plants; it will actually help them because of its water holding properties. Snow starts as a fine white powder and when activated by common tap water will expand up to 100x its original volume. One ounce will produce up to two quarts of snow. (Hard water will produce less; distilled water will produce the highest volume). Snow Facts: Snow can be allowed to dry and reused Snow is not harmful to the environment Snow can be colored by using food coloring in the water Snow can be used for indoor skiing, snowboarding and sledding Snow has been used as a fire retardant in certain applications Once your snow is made you will have to maintain it with a little spraying of water now and then. Snow always has a slightly cool feeling due to the evaporation of water from it but it will not approach the freezing temperature of real snow Salt will get release the water from the snow but the instant snow will lose its water absorbing qualities forever Instant Snow is slippery, be careful if walking on it. How to Make Snow Each 16 x 125mm test tube contains about ½ ounce of snow polymer and will make approximately 2 cups of snow. In a clean container mix 2 ounces of tap water per teaspoon of snow powder while using a spoon or spatula to turn the snow over to expose any polymer that is not hydrated. The snow should be fluffy, not slushy. If too much water is added, just let it sit, turning the snow on a regular basis and the excess will evaporate. If the snow is too fluffy, slowly add water until the desired consistency is achieved. Maintain your snow by spraying or adding a little water as needed. Snow is not toxic to the environment and can be disposed of by normal methods. To dispose of your snow: A) Allow snow to dry and then throw-out. B) Mix the snow with soil in your garden. C) Add salt to the snow and it will liquefy and then can be washed down the drain. Coverage area: 2 gallons covers: 25cm (10 inches) x 36cm (14 inches)@ 10cm (4 inches) deep 4 gallons covers: 36cm (14 inches) x 51cm (20 inches)@ 10cm (4 inches) deep 8 gallons covers: 51cm (20 inches) x 76cm (30 inches) @ 10cm (4 inches) deep

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