Ronin Kendama w/Navy Blue Colored Ball, by Bushido Kendama

Ronin Kendama w/Navy Blue Colored Ball, by Bushido Kendama - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Bushido Kendama

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Bushido Ronin Kendama w/Navy Blue Colored Ball
by Bushido Kendama

A traditional wooden toy that requires skill and coordination, the Kendama originated in Japan and consists of a handle, ball, and a string to connect them together. The handle itself has 3 cups and a spike, and the goal is to perform various tricks and feats by catching the ball on various sites of the handle.

The Ronin Kendama set features a silk matte finished Tama (ball) and a wooden Ken (handle). The Ken has been formed using beech wood in the same style as the classic Kendama, and has been stained using a brown color that enhances the appearance of the natural grain of the beech wood. The Tama features a strong silk matte finish, which is extremely durable, and designed not to chip, scratch or peel. The finish also gives it a silky smooth feeling while at the same time allowing for an strong grip when performing some of the most difficult tricks you can think of. Together, they are equally balanced, providing for the most optimal performance capabilities for every skill level.

Bushido Kendama prides themselves on their high attention to detail when it came to designing their Kendamas. Their mission was to try and make a high-performance, professional grade Kendama available to everyone. They focused on each component and how they all come together, to make one of the finest products on the market today, while making it affordable for everyone.

Each Kendama comes with two extra colored strings, two extra beads, two Whiskers, and two stickers.

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