Wooden Croaking Frog Güiro Percussion Instrument, w/Rasp

Wooden Croaking Frog Güiro Percussion Instrument, w/Rasp - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Wooden Croaking Frog Musical Instrument
by Universal Specialties

Adapted from an instrument thought to have originated in South America or Africa, the güiro is typically a notched, hollowed-out gourd. The notches are made in parallel, circular stripes along the the short section of the gourd.

This version has been shaped to look like a frog, and rather than the traditional gourd. It features a series of ridges along it's back, which decrease in size from the head to the hindquarters. It has been hollowed out on the inside by way of the mouth and cheeks, which can be covered or uncovered to alter the tone of the sound that is emitted as the percussion and rubbing rod are used on the frog.

The frog measures approximately 4" in length, and is unpainted.

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