"My Size" Dress Up Skeleton by Roylco

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"My Size" Dress Up Skeleton 

by Roylco

Examine bones and study their role in the human body. The special laminated "grip card" bones stick to the felt strips. Choose a student to model the bones. Wrap the felt strips around the head, torso, waist, arms and legs. Secure the strips in place with the grip card tabs. One by one, place the bones on the felt strips in the appropriate area of the body. The name of each bone is printed on the reverse side of each piece in English, French, Spanish, and German. The teacher guide gives details about all of the types of bones and includes reproducible artwork for follow-up activities and testing.

"My Size" Dress Up Skeleton Set Includes:

  • 15 Grip Card Bone Illustrations.
  • 15 Felt Bands.  
  • 34 Grip Card Tabs.
  • Reproducible Bone & Organ Charts
  • Reproducible Organ Artwork
  • Parent/Teacher Guide.  
This Anatomical Set is Great for:
  • Learning the Names of the Bones & Organs.
  • Understanding How the Skeletal System Works.
  • Developing Scientific Language.
  • Exploring the Locations & Purpose of Bones.
Recommended for ages 4 and up

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