Pitcher Plant Predators - Carnivorous Plant Seeds

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Pitcher Plant Predators - Carnivorous Plant Seeds
Exotic Seed Pack

by DuneCraft

Contains 5 types of Carnivorous plants:

  • Yellow Trumpet (Sarracenia flava)
  • Hooded Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia minor)
  • Sweet Trumpet (Sarracenia rubra)
  • Purple Pitcher (Sarracenia purpurea)
  • Pale Trumpet (Sarracenia alata)

Carnivorous plants adapt best to low-nutrient environments. These plants obtain some nutrients by trapping and digesting various invertebrates, and occasionally even small frogs and mammals. Because insects are one of the most common prey items for most carnivorous plants, they are sometimes called insectivorous plants. It is not surprising that the most common habitat for these plants is in bogs and swamps, where nutrient concentrations are low but water and sunshine seasonally abundant. Most plants absorb nitrogen from the soil through their roots, but carnivorous plants absorb nitrogen from their animal prey through their leaves specially modified as traps.

Traps work in a variety of ways, but the Pitfall Traps of pitcher plants are leaves folded into deep, slippery pools filled with digestive enzymes. Flying or crawling insects such as flies are lured to the cavity formed by the cupped leaf and to the captivating smell of the nectar deep inside the cup. The sides of the pitcher are slippery and grooved in such a way so as to ensure that the insects cannot climb out. The nectar contained within the Pitcher Traps drown the insect, and the body of it is gradually dissolved.

These plants like to be kept wet and grow best from seed if grown in a terrarium. Full germinating and maintenance instructions are included on the back of the seed package. Patience is very important when growing carnivorous plants from seed. They may sprout in as early as a couple of weeks, but some may take months.
  • Packages are sold by weight, not number of seeds per package.
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Ages 4 and up.

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